2015. január 1., csütörtök

Facebook page

I've started my new Facebook page for my works, please follow my future designs right there! :)

2014. október 6., hétfő

Design Exhibition

Hungarian Design Award 2014 exhibitor with Balint Kardos, Robert Kovacs, Balazs Toth. 
More details are comming soon.

2014. augusztus 1., péntek

Invitation cards

Wedding invitation card designs

2014. július 15., kedd


More details are coming soon

2014. április 25., péntek


Some posterworks

2014. április 13., vasárnap

Korvin Jewellery

Branding: Korvin Jewellery

2014. február 24., hétfő

Wine lable concepts

2014. január 17., péntek

I did some filming and backstage video last week on Amen's 25th anniversary concert. There will be a concert DVD this spring. I also was part of the show's visual design team as creative assistant, and did some graphics work like this nice stage-pass. :)

some photos by others

2014. január 2., csütörtök


Some video-works from 2013.

Mazak introduction clip
Produced by me: Cut, Music

School project introduction clip
Produced by me: Timelapse video, Post production, Cut, Music-mixing

2014. január 1., szerda

BPG cover design

Audio album art for Patmos records.

2013. december 19., csütörtök

Form studies


2013. december 17., kedd


2013. november 28., csütörtök

Custom leather iPad case

More details on Behance: 

2013. október 24., csütörtök

New project


2013. július 1., hétfő


making the 1:6 model of Incognito

2013. április 17., szerda


Low-budget lottery shop furniture design.

2013. április 11., csütörtök


Some shop visualization

2013. február 18., hétfő

J and G

Some psychedelic custom graphics design for the guitar pedal builder J and G.

2013. február 7., csütörtök


Branding and webdesign for Krauss

2013. január 9., szerda


Incognito is a multi-functional facade system. This interior solution’s advantage is its storage function being hidden from the observers. Only authorized persons have access to its content, because it has lockable parts. The safely-stored documents and objects can be reached by a Proxy-based smart card. As a result, even frequently visited areas, corridors can store up large quantities of documents, protected from unauthorized accesses.

2012. október 11., csütörtök

Remote project

This was a remote control design ordered by HumanIT Consulting. It controls a fireplace's heating with two buttons and has an intuitive LED feedback. The form is based on good-design (Dieter Rams).

More details are on Behance.

2012. szeptember 27., csütörtök

Design Week (update)

A Pecha Kucha Night keretei között előadást tartok két csapattársammal egy közös projektünkről. Mindenkit szeretettel várunk!
With my two friends, we will show one of our common projects at Pecha Kucha Night during Design Week 2012. Everyone is welcome!


Some photos: